Valentine’s Day on a Budget

V-Day is tomorrow, yes tomorrow. There’s usually a lot of expectations for men to step up and do something romantic, but let’s be real men don’t sit around thinking about that kind of stuff. So if you’re looking for something fun and romantic to do that won’t break the bank take a look at this list.

Roller skating – There’s nothing cuter than holding your bf hand while you skate or making fun of him when he falls


Rock climbing – This is great for the athletic couple who enjoys being active instead of sitting on the couch watching a movie


Darts – Not everyone is into fancy restaurants so while not head to a pub order a couple of beers and a few starters and make a night of it ( You can also play pool if darts aren’t your thing)


Sledding – With all this snow on the ground why not make the most of this winter season and go sledding


Rifle Range – Ladies don’t forget it’s V-Day for your man too why not take him out to do something he might like


Wine tour – Wine always sets the mood. You could also stay homecook dinner and enjoy a glass or 3 together


Drive in movie – Drive in. Park. Make out.


Bowling –  Remember the couple that plays together stays together


Happy Valentine xoxo

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Loire Restaurant


Toronto has some of the hottest restaurants and Loire is right up there with the best. The cuisine is described as casual gourmet, which means the food is fancy but you don’t have to be. The wine selection is also quite impressive, so if you’d like to impress your date bring them to this restaurant I promise it won’t disappoint.


Bon Appetit

119 Harbord Street
Toronto, ON
M5S 1G7