Pretty Women and Ugly Men, Who Knew?


I made a promise on the Steven & Chris Show to ask out 5 men this year. I wasn’t really looking forward to it but I’ll do anything if a tv camera is involved. So I thought I’d start out with an average guy. Bachelor number one is not my typical physical type. He’s 5 “9, kinda skinny, couple of crooked teeth, sense of style is pretty average, has a full head hair but wears way too much hair product for my comfort level and no muscles, did I mention he has a great personality.

Before I took the bold step of asking him out I pulled a mutual friend of ours aside and asked her if he was single. She looked surprised that I was inquiring about him and proceeded to tell me that she’s trying to set him up with her friend who is a 6 foot tall gorgeous model. Then she went on to tell me in not so many words that I wasn’t his type because he only goes for, her words, “super hot girls”.

At first I was taken back by her comment but then I decided to go online and conduct my own research via facebook. After riffling through hundreds of his photos it was pretty clear that she was right all of his girlfriends looked like they came out of the Leonardo Dicaprio ex-gf catalogue. This got me thinking


Pretty women dating ugly men isn’t anything new, but lately there seems to be a lot more of these couples than in the past. Another thing I noticed is that the pretty women are not your typical gold digger looking for a sugar daddy type either. Nope these ladies have their shit together which makes it even more confusing for me. So I went online and found some interesting stuff; one study actually claimed that according to scientists, being ugly may help men attract the opposite sex. They found that having an unusual appearance can be a good way to charm a mate. Say what??


Sounds ridiculous right? But wait a minute this theory might help explain couples like Julia Roberts & Lyle Lovett, Heidi Klum and Seal, Russell Simmons & Shannon Elizabeth, Howard Stern  & Beth Ostrosky, Padma Lakshmi & Salman Rushdie, Charlize Theron & Sean Penn, Kimora Lee Simmons & Tim Leissner.


The scientist who conducted this study came to the conclusion that, “Ugly individuals can sometimes do better than good looking ones because women don’t always like to chase the best looking members of the opposite sex”. This is great news for all the odd looking guys out there but what about us girl, who are we left with? Cause let’s face it really good looking men still want to date the hottest girl in the room, hell who am I fooling EVERYONE wants the hottest girl in the room.


At this point I’ll have to change my approach and start dating circus carnies, homeless men, guys fresh out the pen and the geriatric crowd, woohoo can’t wait.

I’ll let you know how it goes. Stay tuned

The Good The Bad and The Ugly Single