The Perfect Valentine’s Day Make Up Tutorial

Valentine’s day or as I like to call it “Single Awareness Day” is around the corner and  my fellow GBS lady and makeup artist extraordinaire Mehnaz Khan is back with another amazing make up tutorial.  This time she’s gonna show you how to achieve the perfect face for V-day. Enjoy


The Perfect Look For Date Night

Do you want  to refresh your look for 2014? or maybe you have a hot date this weekend?  Make up artist Mehnaz Khan  has great tips to help you fine tune your look  with a great tutorial using the Naked 2 eye shadow palette  from Urban Decay and a video on how to achieve sexy soft curls.



Recently I came a cross a study that said high heels make a woman sexier than flat shoes even when you cannot see her face or figure. As a  single woman I’m always curious about what the opposite sex is thinking, so naturally I kept on reading.

The study went on to claim that high heels make women look more attractive because they “exaggerate femininity” altering the way a woman’s hips, legs, feet and pelvis move which helps her emphasize her curves. In short the higher the heel the sexier the woman’s appearance.

Now scientific research is one thing, but what I really wanted to know is, what do men think about women in high heels so I asked them and this is what they had to say:

Heels make a woman look longer, leaner and sexier and since they are clearly not comfortable, I have to respect any woman willing to go through discomfort for my visual pleasure – 36, Business Development Manager

Love High heels. Love them over flats but they need to know how to walk. I don’t consciously think it but I do think certain high heels make a woman look classy – 40, Educator

I can’t say I ever notice shoes but if I see a girl wobbling through the ice on a walking tour in high heels however, I definitely feel for the poor guy with her – 30, Lion Tamer

High heels are sexy, but I like a woman who has a pair of Jordan’s and Timberland boots in her collection – 40, High School Teacher

No don’t care if heels or not. Never asked (a woman) to keep shoes on during sex however they did stay on lol  39, Customer Service

I prefer a girl in practical shoes. High heels limit her mobility especially for a person like me who enjoys an active lifestyle – 44, Commercial Director

I don’t judge women by their shoes unless they are wearing glass heels – 27, Professional Basketball Player

Yes I care, I’m guilty of approaching a woman from afar and when I got closer I examined her shoes and made a u-turn! 35, Author

Shoes, boots, sandals doesn’t matter 4 inches or more and I’m buying, wait a minute I think a few woman have said that – 54, Stand up Comedian

A part of me does judge women by their high heels or their obsession for shoes. There seems to be an insatiable desire it have more and more for some women. As a very down it earth man, I don’t understand it, but to each their own – 31, Senior Manager

I LOVE women in high heels. There’s no such thing as sexy flats! 36, VP of Marketing

As a guy at 6’4 who loves and ultimately married a petite woman (4’11) every bit of height becomes an aphrodisiac – 44, Realtor

If I had to say it in one word…  “SEXY”!!!  High heels or boots make a girl stand out most definitely!!!  But if you’re going to wear them please…  Please…  PLEASE learn how to walk in them…  Nothing sucks more than seeing a cute/pretty/sexy woman wear heels AND walk as if she’s a muppet!!! – 35, TV Director

Love high heels, accentuates the legs, combines heels with a women with well defined calves and she’s a keeper. I have bought a woman shoes with the caveat that she must wear them for sex before she can wear them outside    – 40, IT Manager

YESSSS I CARE!!! For me heels on a woman is the defining detail of ultra-femininity and I’m a total foot fetish type of man – 37, Artist

If I see a woman wearing those comfortable shoes on the street I usually will come to the conclusion that she is a prude.  I will not look at her in any way and I will not go out of my way to speak to her.  Shallow I know, but I’m a guy  – 41, Police Officer

I love a women in high heels. They offer the perfect cocktail of sophistication, confidence, and sexy. They are appropriate wear in the boardroom and at a dinner party. They are mandatory in the bedroom – 29, Investment Banker

High heels…never really thought about it, I do like them, I guess I’m more of a boots person. But when I think of it, I do prefer heels over practical shoes and when I fantasize about a woman in bed…sometimes she’s wearing heels lol –  38, Youth Worker

There you have it ladies a glimpse into the male mind. So the next time you’re getting ready for a hot date ladies will you reach for you high heels or opt for your more comfortable flat shoe? I’d love to hear your thoughts about what the men had to say and gentlemen feel free to chime in as well.

The Good The Bad and The Single

Ooh Baby It’s Cold Outside

58bbe7f12663838fdf496caaee614c7fTop 5 Winter Date outfit Ideas

There are only 2 occasions that I hate picking and outfit for, job interviews and first dates. If you think about it their both essentially the same thing it’s just one you’re trying to get paid and the other well… But as we know first impressions last and no matter what you think in the beginning it’s all a game. Gotta look good, but not look like you spent a lot of time trying to look good. It’s so much bullshit, but I digress.

Getting ready to go out in the winter can be tricky especially when it’s friggin -27 outside and you’re trying to look cute and stay warm at the same time.

If you’re turning your room upside down trying to figure what to wear on your date this weekend don’t fret I got a few ideas that might help. Keep in mind these are all jump in a cab then straight to the restaurant outfits. Have fun

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Show’dem how it’s done Riri


Once again Bajan bad gal Rihanna proves with or without a man she’s still a bad bitch.

On New Year’s Day Riri posted a bunch of pics from her NYE celebrations with her friends at her home and at the 40/40 club in New York City.

These photos embody everything this blog is about. No matter how good things are or how bad things get you’ve always got yourself. Surround yourself with love and good people and the rest will come


Rock on Riri

We can’t wit to see what you do next #2014

The Good The Bad and the Single