Dating Sucks.

I feel like 70% of the single people out there agree with that statement and the other 30 are either nuns, people who married their high school sweetheart or Asexuals. Whoever said dating was fun obviously didn’t spend much time doing it.

Just look at relationships and all the hardships. You have feelings for someone and they don’t love you back. The guy you thought you were going to marry leaves you and marries the next girl he dates. Or he cheats on you or worse has a kid with someone else. You sleep with a guy and you never hear from him again. Long story short you’ve been lied to, burned, and heartbroken.

Even for the folks who’ve found their partner love can still be traumatizing and test your patience, so let’s keep things in perspective. Like my Mother always says, “any bozo can get married, but try staying married”.

The funny thing is no matter how tough it is or how many times we’ve had our feelings hurt we all want to find our one and only. I always tell people if I sucked this much at anything else I would have given up on it ages ago.

So why bother? Why take the risk of getting hurt again? The answer is simple because nothing feels better than having that special someone by your side to share inside jokes with or having someone to call when you have great news. There’s no vacation, new gadget or designer shoe that makes your heart sing like love.

The next logical question is how do you dust yourself off and get back in the game? That’s the question The Good The Bad and the Single” will attempt to answer with information, fashion tips, book reviews, celebrity gossip and of course a good dose of humor. The reason I started this blog was to put a new fresh face on single life and my hope is that after reading it you head back out into the dating world with a new perspective on the dating game and a renewed sense of self.



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