The Reason You’re Still Single According to Tyrese


“For all you women out there that are single and don’t understand why you’re still single; hood-rats,hoes, traps, skeezers, bottom of the barrel chicks; they’re NEVER without a man; they go on dates all week; they smash and having sex all week; they’re never without a man clamming ad clinging on their every move; WHY? Because they’re EASY. When a man can sniff or smell that they just can’t stay anything to you or come at you any kind of slick ass way; they run away from you smart; intellectual; spiritually based god fearing women. You’re too smart, you’re too special, you’re too significant, so you run the bullshit people away; while the hood rats and the hoes they stay with dudes all around them; all day; everyday; so wear your SINGLE with PRIDE” – Tyrese

Do you agree with what Tyrese is saying? are all “good girls” doomed to singlehood forever because men prefer hoes?

The Good The Bad and The Single


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