Worst Dating Advice Ever


Being single is like being pregnant. Everyone has advice for you, whether you ask for it or not and half of them don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. Here a few jems

1.   Stay a Mystery. Exposing who you are slowly to a person you’re dating maybe be what you’re comfortable with when getting to know someone, but keeping yourself at a distance by remaining a complete mystery can feel like a game to the other person. So while you may not want to tell your entire life story on the first date be sure not to become a confusing puzzle that he may not want to solve

2.   Don’t pay for anything on early dates. It’s not unreasonable to expect a man to pay for a first date, but it can be a major turnoff to always have alligator arms every time the cheque comes. A lot of men are turned off by women with the princess complex. Even paying the tip can be a great gesture

3.   Always Play Hard to Get. Making a man work for it can be fun, but make sure not to make this your approach on every date. Go with the flow and do things when they seem natural.

4.   Don’t wait on Sex. When it comes to sex and dating there are a lot of different rules. Whether you decide to give up the goods on the first date or  give him a 90 day waiting period, both methods can set you up for failure

5.   Mr Right Now will do. All women go out in hopes of finding Mr Right, but this can become frustrating especially when he doesn’t show up when you want him to, but settling for Mr Okay will lead to disaster so never settle.

6.   Don’t go on last minute dates. A lot of people will tell you accepting a last minute date will make you look desperate and overly available, but if you’re really interested in a man and he contacts you  to make plans, don’t turn him down if you don’t have to

The Good The Bad and The Single


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