There’s nothing like having a buddy to go through the trenches of single life with, someone to complain to, cry to, share secrets with and call from the bathroom of the restaurant when you need to escape a really bad date, but what happens when your bestie gets a new boyfriend?

First of all try not to think of it as losing a friend but instead as gaining a new designated driver or guy to bounce all of your boy questions off of. Now that your best friend has a boyfriend, things are going to change, but not necessarily for the worse!

Here are a few ways to cope with the loss of your wing woman:

Relax. This isn’t going to change your friendship, unless you let it. So, CALM DOWN. And seriously, whatever you do, don’t panic and start dating a loser just so you can say you have a man too.

You might not see her as often, so make your time with her count! Plan “friend dates” in your calendars so you have time to do the things the both of you like to do.

Invite your pal and her new man out.  There’s no need to feel like a third wheel in this situation. This is not a competition to see who she likes more, but a chance get to know her new beau and make him feel comfortable

Re-commit yourself to your job.  Take on an extra project or two, and show your boss that you are ready for that promotion. Free time is a great opportunity to give the things going on in your life a little more attention

You lost your yoga partner, so take this opportunity to strike up a conversation with the girl who is always nailing tree pose. You can pick up a few pointers or find out where she gets her cute yogi outfits.

You’ve been meaning to call your old roommate to catch up over drinks for ages, so here’s your chance! You may be missing your bestie but you have other friends. Don’t be afraid to call them and make plans to hang out.

Volunteer for a cause you believe in, or really any cause. Pick one charity and devote some time to it each month. Nothing feels better than giving back

Sign up for one of those running groups. Exercise is the best distraction even if you absolutely hate it plus you can use it as an opportunity to burn off some of that junk food you’ve been eating since your bestie isn’t there to share it with you

Be happy for her! She’d fake it for you, too.


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