Sean Penn’s Ex Gets Hitched


Sean Penn who?

While everyone is busy wondering if Sean Penn is dating Charlize Theron or Madonna but it looks like we forgot to keep an eye on his ex-wife who just got engaged.

Robin Wright, 47, got engaged over the holidays to “House of Cards” actor Ben Foster, 33. The two first met on the set of  “Rampart” in 2011 and started dating in 2012. She’s also nominated for a Golden Globe this Sunday.

I interviewed Robin a couple of  years ago and she looked AMAZING. She was wearing a LBD (size 0), she wore very little make up with a taste full amount of botox and was rocking a shoulder length bob.

My first thought as she stood in front of me on the red carpet was why the hell would Sean leave her, but who knows what really goes on behind closed doors, but it’s no surprise to me that she’s been snatched up.

For the rest of you single gals out there keep your hair did, waist tight and your eyes open cause you could be next.

Mazel Tov

The Good The Bad and the Single


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