Never mind how it turned out for Mila and Justin in the movie ‘Friends With Benefits’, is your friend with benefits really worth your time? Read this list and see how excited you’ll be the next time he texts you at 2am

1. He’s definitely dating other girls. And those girls are getting dinner. And drinks. And sex. 

2. Since he’s not your boyfriend, you can’t drag him to your nephew’s christening or your bff’s wedding

3. He only meets you at your place leaving you with the after sex clean up.

4.Whe you see him on his phone you want to know who he’s text but know you have no business asking that question

5. He calls you “Babe,” but only because you think he sometimes forgets your name.

6. Sometime the sex is even that great..

7. You invited him to your birthday party, and he showed up at last call without a gift.

8. He has a roommate but you’ve never been introduced.

9. He knows that you like to talk dirty in bed but has no idea where you went to college or what your middle name is.

10. You haven’t been on a real date in over six months.


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