Rihanna Makes the First Move


Well we know one guy who’s having a great Monday. His name is Mychal Kendricks and he plays football for the Philadelphia Eagles. This morning Rihanna posted a photo of him as her new MCM (Man Candy Monday) BTW they do not know each other and have never met.


This got me thinking if a beautiful successful pop princess like Riri isn’t afraid to make the first move, what’s your excuse? If you like a guy, why not ask him out. Sitting around waiting for him to notice you may not be the best strategy, switch things up and let him know you’re interested.  It’s  2014 time to try something new. Now there’s no need for proposals on the first date, but try starting a chain or emails or send him a cheeky text.

The rumor is he has responded. We’ll be watching to see how this all turns out

The Good The Bad and The Single


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