Single Girl Problems


1.   Having to listen to people who call themselves your friends/family tell you you’re too picky? I get it Mom you just want me to pick someone, anyone

2.   Having to ask a busy male friend or worse that guy that really likes you but you don’t like him to help you move something heavy or assemble an ikea product. Hey you I know it’s been a while and I never return your phone calls but can you help me build this shelving unit and bring your tools cause I don’t have any

3.   Flirting with a guy only to find out he’s married. Oh great I just spent the last 20 minutes chatting you up, being all interesting while I playfully toss my hair and now you’re introducing me to your wife. Drop dead.

5.   Politely turning down friends who want to set you up with this “awesome” guy they think would be perfect for you. Finding out that your girlfriend thinks a man who wears a choker with seashells on it is “awesome”, will make you question your friendship.

6.   When the guy you’re out on a date with keeps trying to figure out how much of a sexual freak you are. FYI if you’re asking there is a 100% chance you’ll never find out

7.   People telling you that you should start dating your best guy friend. Listen just because it happens in the movies doesn’t mean that it works in real life. In real life you sleep with him, things get awkward and then you’re no longer friends. The end

8.   Wives and girlfriends assuming you want their man. Listen up ladies stop grabbing your man’s arm when I walk by, the truth is if I told what I really thought about your man you’d probably never speak to me again

9. That moment when you’re eating by yourself at a restaurant and your phone dies, and oh yeah you forgot to bring a book or magazine with you. Nothing worse then having to stare into space and pretend not to listen to the people around you having a wonderful time

10. Having to address your single status on Valentine’s Day. It should really be renamed Single Awareness Day

11. Paying for everything. Rent, dinner, movies etc. Listen I’m all about being financially independent but sometimes I’d like to walk away from the bill with a full belly, touch up my lip gloss and strut without a care in the world

12. Zipping the back of a dress. There’s this one spot that you just can’t get to


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