They say breaking up is hard to do, but if you’re in a  relationship that you’re ready to move on from here are some tips on how to end it, now.

Set the Scene

Keep it private, face-to-face and plan ahead. Channel your inner Katie Holmes, and make it a seamless and speedy transition.

Be Direct

Being direct is the hardest part of breaking up. Always be honest, explain why and avoid any attacks. Don’t drag it out—just rip the band-aid off.

Keep it Classy

This is the trickiest part of breaking up. Avoid any urges to fight dirty—he should be the first to know. No name calling and no cheating as a backdoor escape from the relationship.

Stay Away

Stay strong and avoid their social media accounts. Even if you have plans to remain friends, make it a clean break so things don’t get confused down the road.


Let the stuff go—both physical and emotional. Physical baggage is a clear indicator that you haven’t moved on. When returning belongings keep it all business and leave it at their door to avoid any awkward reunions.


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