Get the Guy


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Author Matthew Hussey is relationship expert, matchmaker, star of the reality show Ready for Love and all around hottie.  The book claims to reveal the secrets of the male mind and the fundamentals of dating. After reading it I found it to be more of a step by step guide for women to get out of their own way and clear their mind of all the rhetoric and misinformation about men that is perhaps holding them back from meeting a nice guy.

The first time I became aware of Hussey was on the talk show/boozefest Kathie Lee & Hoda. He was the only guest who cut to the chase and was giving out useful information. Now I must admit I found his book to be a little misleading. He doesn’t really let the reader in on any great secrets about the male mind and I found him to be a little heavy handed at times with his advice on how women should pick up the opposite sex. Overall it’s a great read and will at the very least enlighten you a little.


Online Dating Mistakes


The world of online dating can be so bloody confusing. Lucky for you I have a few tips that will set you straight and help you avoid common online dating mistakes.

1. Bad Username

Don’t use your real name, but don’t use anything ridiculous either. Remember, every detail on your profile will help someone form an opinion of you. “If you set yourself up with a name like ‘hooter girl,’ what are people going to expect?” Andrea points out.

2. Crappy Pictures

Your photos will greatly influence the first impression you give potential dates. But if the picture was taken 30 pounds ago or 10 years ago, you’re presenting a false portrayal. So make sure your photos are flattering, and represent what you look like today.

Also, be sure to avoid selfies taken in the bathroom mirror!

3. Lackluster Profile

You want to draw people in and make a connection. Make sure your profile’s personal, punchy and playful. Don’t forget to keep it real, and avoid cliches.

Think about what your friends and family would say about you, and summarize it while getting to the point.

4. Carbon Copy Messages

Your messages have to grab a person’s attention, and get the conversation moving. Make sure you’re not just repeating the same old details. Ask questions and offer information about yourself.

5. Not Going Offline

If you hit it off online, don’t wait too long to meet someone in person. Spend a week talking to them online, then meet them. Eventually you’ll want to know if you have chemistry in real life!

Karma is a bitch, just ask Tori Spelling

Karma is a bitch, Just ask Tori Spelling


Karma is bitch ladies. We’ve all heard this cliché saying before but it seems like some of us need a refresher on this life lesson. It’s no secret that there are lots of single women out there who have no problem dating a married man. Now us wise ole gals know that this type of bullshit bahaviour comes with really bad karma, but this recent US weekly headline prompted me to go over all the reasons why it’s a bad idea.

Actor Dean Mcdermott was caught in a cheating scandal, again! This time it was with a woman is a 28 year old woman he took up to his hotel room at the Royal York in Toronto for a one night stand, and if this story sounds familiar that’s because 8 years ago McDermott was caught in a similar cheating scandal with his now wife Tori Spelling.

The couple have been married for 7 years and have 4 kids together: Liam 6, Stella 5, Hattie2 and Finn 16 months. If you follow this reality star couple then you know that Spelling, 40 was bed ridden for 4 months with Finn and a month later underwent emergency surgery due to complications from her C section. Now this has nothing to do with her husband cheating, but I thought it was important for you to know this little tidbit of information.

According to US weekly the woman he had the affair with, let’s call her Dingleberry Washington, told the magazine that Dean told her “He and Tori had a sexless marriage” and the best part about that quote is that she believed him and that’s apparently all it takes to get this girl on her back. But to be totally honest I think this girl is a non-muthafuggin factor to their marriage or family, but she does serve as a great example for the rest of us single ladies because I truly believe, “how you get him is how you’ll lose him”.

Allow me to take you back to 2006, does the name Mary Jo Eustace ring a bell? Well she was Dean’s first wife, mother of his 2 oldest children and the woman he cheated on and later divorced to marry Tori Spelling. Dean and Tori met on the set of a tv movie (I think 22 people watched it not including friends and family) and just three weeks later he announced to Mary Jo that he was leaving her for Tori because his words “we’re soul mates, she loves me unconditionally”. That quote is so ironic it actually makes me lol.

At the time of this latest affair Dean was in Toronto promoting the new show he’s hosting, which hopefully will be more successful than that tv movie, because according to the tabloids besides having problems in the bedroom they’re also having money problems. Isn’t marriage great! I’m being sarcastic of course. But it doesn’t take a genius to see that Dean is clearly a “when the cat’s a way the rat will play” type of guy.

Now ladies this is where our behaviour comes into play. If you meet a man and it’s obvious that he’s married no matter what kind of lame excuse he gives you like “I’m not in love with her anymore” I’m just there for the kids or like Dean’s lame story about being in a sexless marriage, walk away from this guy. He is a liar and a loser and no matter how cute, rich or fit he is just know that starting a relationship like this is a HORRIBLE fucking idea. I’ve never met a woman who was ok with being cheated on so as you’re crawling out of your panties to screw this guy just picture yourself 8 years in the future, 4 kids, a C section scar, broke and ask yourself  is this really the guy I want to be with? You may not care about his wife or hell you may even think you’re better than she is but remember this at one point she thought that she was special too and she was on the receiving end of all  his attention and now you’re sleeping on her side of the bed.

I don’t want to call men dogs because it takes 2 to tango but snatching up some other woman’s husband is a foul move and eventually will come back to bite you in the ass, just ask Tori.